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Basic information about the products and services we review is an independent website sharing basic information about the products and services we review. Because our visitors are looking online for their next favorite products and services, we'd like to help them find them if we can.

If someone clicks on one of our advertising partner links within our site, we may receive a referral fee.

Compensation does not direct our research or editorial content and in most cases does not impact how our listing orders appear. We simply have to work within guidelines to maintain our partnerships so that we can continue creating valuable content for our readers.

While our team reviews a variety of products and services, we do not provide a complete listing of every available company in the marketplace.

We look at every angle, spending months analyzing existing research, including scientific studies, factual data, historical trends, and user experiences. Advertising helps support our website and gives us resources to create new reviews that are free for you to enjoy.

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