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Alex Wubbels the heroic nurse vs. Detective Jeff Payne the rogue cop
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It is imperative that we unite as a non-violent, apolitical movement and seek justice as peacefully as we can. Alex's Olympian-class spirit has exemplified an alt-center movement for human rights of which every concerned supporter needs to be a part. We must put aside our differences and stand united... not divided.

Let's afford Alex's Support Network the opportunity to make a huge impact which benefits Humanity! We must fight for our privacy and our constitutional rights and freedoms!

Let's show her how much we admire, love, and respect her. Tell others about this website and sign the petitions now! Do it now. You will be glad you did.

To stand with a true American Patriot who walks her post and protect her patients' freedoms and rights without brandishing a deadly weapon, do the right thing... let's help her make her voice heard.


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